Who Are We

Robyn Johnston (B.Ed., PGDipCouns., MHealSc (Hons).) Founder Key Consultant

When Robyn was growing up her maternal grandmother lived with the family, alternating between the homes of her two daughters and their families. Now while many of her older family members and those of her friends are leading active lives, their accommodation needs have changed. Robyn founded Transition Navigators because she recognised that many older people and their families needed help navigating the changes to their living arrangements.

Robyn is a trained teacher and counsellor. She has spent many years researching the needs of older people. For her Master of Health Sciences research Robyn asked people about their experiences shifting from their family home. When in 2013 she was offered a scholarship to continue her research with older people, she explored the wellbeing of older adults living in retirement facilities. She is currently completing her PhD.

Robyn and her team are passionate about ensuring older people have a good quality of life by finding the best solution to their accommodation needs.


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